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Welcome to VIMOX family. 

The innovator of VIMOX energizer is Mr. Bachubhai Thesia from Kalavad, who called Bachubhai Scientist because of his many technical inventions. He was honored by Hon. the than President Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in 2008 and awarded by Hon. the than President Mrs. Pratibha Devisinh Patil in 2009 because of his many agricultural inventions. Than after he was awarded by Hon. the than Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar. He got many honors by various institutions like Mahindra & Mahindra Company, Essar Oil Company, Charity Organisations, Associations, etc. time to time. He also honored by getting title of “Krushi Rushi” by Governtment of Gujarat. Basically Mr. Bachubhai is a farmer and he naturally knows very well about troubles of all farmers.

In present, the main trouble of all farmers is animal terror. Bluebulls (Nilgais), wild Pigs and other wandering animals are destroying crops of farmers and farmers feel helplessness against these damages.

Against this trouble, some farmers put poisonous foods in their farm, and some farmers run illegal direct electric current around their farm. Due to these actions of farmers, many animals, along with human also, have been losing their lives.

In these situations, energizers of many brands have come in the market, but farmers did not get more benefit from it, because of technical defects of this type of energizers.
Second side-effect of this, many mechanics, which has incomplete knowledge, make impractical machines in the name of energizer machine and shake-off money from farmers.
In this situation, Mr. Bachubhai has cured this universal problem of all farmers by innovating VIMOX energizer. Farmers are also giving examples of their sensibility and the best choice by installing VIMOX energizer. There is no use of cheap parts to making VIMOX energizer. All spare parts are laboratory grade and the best quality. Each machine of VIMOX passed through all tests after making it.

VIMOX is the first success protection system for agriculture in whole market. VIMOX is one and only energizer in all over India who has “Self Protection System” and which cares itself. VIMOX does not need to other person to care it. Only single unit of VIMOX energizer is capable to fully protect more than 50 acres area.

Because of advanced technology, touching any grass to live wire of VIMOX fencing does not discharge the Battery! Same way, breaking live wires or short circuits do not discharge the Battery! It is One and Only Energizer which works even in heavy rain ! Farmers do not need to charge the battery by electric charging at midnight due to different technology. VIMOX protects every crop from Animal Terror.

In short, we assured that, totally maintenance free one and only VIMOX energizer machine will gives you fully satisfaction by its advanced technology. Now you can also feel it directly by installing VIMOX energizer.


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