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Energizer Red 50Acre

Because of advanced technology, touching any grass to live wire of VIMOX fencing does not discharge the Battery! Same way, breaking live wires or short circuits do not discharge the Battery! It is One and Only Energizer which works even in heavy rain ! Farmers do not need to charge the battery by electric charging at midnight due to different technology. VIMOX protects every crop from Animal Terror.

In short, we assured that, totally maintenance free one and only VIMOX energizer machine will gives you fully satisfaction by its advanced technology. Now you can also feel it directly by installing VIMOX energizer.

Other Specifications
Brand Vimox
Energizer Model VE-1 with SIREN
Energizer Type Type A
Class Class - II
IP Rating IP34
Range of Fancing 5400 meter Single Line
Input Voltage 12v DC
Output Voltage < 9 kv
Input Current 50 mA
Output Current < 9 mA
Recommended Battery Ah 20Ah – 30Ah
Frequency 1 pulse/sec.
Pulse Duration < 3 milli-sec.
Dimensions 6 X 12 X 10 (Inch)
Warranty 1 + 5 Years
Protection Self Protection System
Weight around 5 kg

Vimox RED


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